Converting timestamps from local timezone to UTC with RPG and SQL

When timestamps are stored in a database table, they are often stored in local time. This is not bad at all, but if you have to compare or coordinate timestamps of different time zones, it quickly gets complicated due to different time offsets, different daylight saving time rules and so on. So it would be nice, to convert timestamps from local time to UTC and back. We will create a RPG procedure to do that, and make it available as a SQL user defined function (UDF).


Consume a web service with SQL on IBM i (DB2)

Consuming web services on IBM i was never easier – but in fact, it’s nothing new, the DB2 SQL functions are available at least since Version 7.2.

With Version 7.4 TR5 and Version 7.3 TR11 IBM has released new HTTP functions, which now reside in QSYS2 and which are much faster than the HTTP functions in SYSTOOLS. So I updated this post using the new functions in QSYS2.